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A Search In Secret Egypt

Special Illustrated Edition
Hardcover Book
June, 2007
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Banyen's Description: 

Paul Brunton (1898-1981) traveled all over the world seeking out mystics, occultists, and sages. He modified their esoteric teachings into a form accessible and relevant to our modern times. A renowned spiritual writer and teacher in the midst of the 20th century, his books such as Search in Secret India and Wisdom of the Overself influenced many.

A Search in Secret
is a special illustrated edition of Brunton’s classic travelogue of discovery (written in 1935) of “that
whose mysterious origin mounts to immemorial antiquity.” Showing the reader exactly what Brunton saw through the lens of his own camera and inviting us to walk where he walked by following the maps of
, and
Karnak, this edition adds nearly 200 modern photos and diagrams to bring the splendor of
’s landscape and temples alive.

Brunton’s narrative tells of his deep meditations at the feet of the Sphinx, his eerie and illuminating night alone in the Great Pyramid, and his insight into the Osiris myth. Alongside his explorations of ancient
’s monuments and gods, long-hidden temples, and underground chambers and shrines, Brunton encounters a variety of occultists—becoming a “snake-charming dervish” himself. He interviews Tahra Bey,
’s famous fakir, discusses relationships between Egyptian culture and memories of Atlantis, and also interviews the head of Islam. His description of the Hajj (pilgrimage) reminds us of the beauty and inspiring faith of Mohammad’s true followers.

In the end, Brunton turns his attention to his own spiritual journey, connecting all his experiences into a single discovery: that we are more than the body, that the freedom of our spirit can be experienced here and now even as it has ever been. This book of many secrets hides its greatest one in plain sight: it is here that Paul Brunton unveils the importance, method and consequences of properly seating the body in the mind. Once assimilated, the doors of occult perception are opened, and they open directly into the truly magical kingdom of the Soul itself.

This new illustrated edition is designed to let you see for yourself all that the author saw on his own journey.

While many of Paul Brunton’s books have gone out of print, 16 volumes of The Notebooks of Paul Brunton are still available. For more info visit:

Publisher’s Description: 

Page by page, this deluxe, lavishly illustrated new edition of BruntonOs classic spiritual travelogue shows EgyptOs major splendors, long-hidden temples, underground chambers, shrines, and artifacts as the author saw them in the 1930s and as they are now--along with fascinating inner images of EgyptOs ancient mysteries and enlightening talks with Islamic leaders. Specially designed maps/diagrams trace his footsteps accurately

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