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The Second Circle

Using Positive Energy for Success in Every Situation
Paperback Book
WW Norton
September, 2017
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You know that person: the one with that certain something. And you've probably dismissed that something as unattainable, simply innate. But it's a myth that some are born with it and others aren't. Everybody can have that presence—and the peaceful self-acceptance that powers it. Patsy Rodenburg reveals that the secret is learning to inhabit the second circle: the optimal state between the first circle of introversion and self-doubt and the third of aggression and narcissism.

She provides exercises to help you break the habits that constrict your real power and to better cope with the negative behaviors and attitudes of those around you. With wisdom and patience, Rodenburg teaches you how to communicate effectively at home, work, school, and—most important—with yourself. The Second Circle will empower you to meet life's most extraordinary trials with brio and to embrace the joys and challenges of every single day.

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