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The Secret Chief Revealed

Conversations with Leo Zeff, Pioneer in the Underground Psychedelic Therapy Movement
Paperback Book
January, 2004
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Leo Zeff (1912–1988), aka “Jacob,” was a California Jungian psychotherapist who later in his life was one of the very few therapists who continued to use psychedelics, accepting the risks involved. This seminal book, originally published as The Secret Chief and now revised with new text and photos, describes his methods in his own words.

One of the first things that they learn to do is to take complete responsibility for themselves and their lives. This is something that we all keep working on all the time. More and more and more. No more blaming. No more attributing the cause of anything out there to anybody else. That’s really the heart of the whole training that I’m involved in.

With warm prologues and afterwords by respected researchers Stanislav Grof and Ann and Sasha Shulgin, these remarkable conversations convey much of both Leo’s character and style and of his unique and highly responsible therapeutic methods. There are chapters on the early beginnings of psychedelic work, selection and preparation, the individual trip, the group trip, materials and doses, and outcomes. Appendices include personal accounts from five journeyers on the changes in their lives, tributes to Leo from his family and clients, and access to current resources in the field.

Jacob was a man who brought new life and opportunity to many hundreds of individuals, often in total life-transforming ways. He was dearly loved. This was not because of his elegant expression or professional training. It was because he was blessed with an abundance of heart, the most necessary prerequisite for someone accompanying others into the depths of their very souls… Nothing is more helpful than the presence of a kind, loving, understanding person thoroughly familiar with the dark regions of the mind—a companion who is confident of his ability to help one navigate and resolve those regions that have been an enormous burden in the past, a person who knows the wonder of being free.

“His ethical obligation as a therapist, to help people, took priority for him over obedience to a dubious official prohibition. In the illegality of his time it was unthinkable to publish the excellent results of his therapy. It is therefore praiseworthy that today, years after his death, a friend has undertaken the task of publishing the details of the therapeutic methodology of this intrepid Ph.D. psychologist. The therapeutic results attained from this method constitute an important argument in the current growing discussion challenging medical circles, whether again to liberate psychedelics for psychotherapeutic practice.” —from the foreword by Albert Hofmann, discoverer of LSD

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