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Secrets of Your Cells

Discovering Your Body's Inner Intelligence
Paperback Book
Sounds True
May, 2013
$24.99 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

A guiding principle of the spiritual journey is to “look within.” Biochemist Dr. Sondra Barrett has done just that—and discovered that our cells offer us invaluable wisdom for inspiration, transformation and healing. With Secrets of Your Cells, this scientist and mind-body teacher takes readers on a provocative journey into our inner universe. Each chapter explores a specific aspect of the cell’s astonishing architecture, intelligence, and ability to work in harmony—offering practical exercises to help readers apply the lessons our cells have to offer. Join Dr. Barrett to learn more about:

  • Wisdom for incorporating biological principles of balance, fluidity, identity, and cooperation into our everyday lives
  • How your cells listen to your beliefs and thoughts—and practices for sending life-affirming messages to your body
  • Rituals for making direct contact with the “soul of the cell”
  • How cells reflect sacred art, as revealed by Dr. Barrett’s intriguing color photographs of the inner world

Our cells are more than just fortuitous arrangements of chemicals. They are a community of trillions of sentient entities working together to create a sanctuary for the human soul.

Drawing on the insights of indigenous practitioners, energy medicine, and the powerful wisdom of our body’s fundamental building blocks, Dr. Barrett offers readers a thoroughly-researched and accessible resource for putting cutting-edge biology into action with Secrets of Your Cells.

I have designed this book to be both a playbook and a guide to the cellular universe. It will encourage you to engage with your cells in very practical ways to invigorate your body and ignite your imagination. I want you to fall in love and enjoy an intimate relationship with your cells... I have sprinkled throughout the book information and explorations [and qigong-based ‘body prayers’] to help you learn how to treat your trillions of tiny building blocks—and yourself—in nurturing and life-affirming ways.

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