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Self-hypnosis Org Cd

1 CD, 1 Hour
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Spoken Word CD
Macmillan Audio
February, 2002
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Everyone has something in their character or personality that they`d like to improve. Self-Hypnosisoffers you a powerful resource for transformation that will help you remodel your life and turn it onto what you want it to be!

Based on the readings of Edgar Cayce - the best known and best-documented psychic in American history - this program teaches you a completely natural method of self-hynosis designed to enlist the powers of your subconscious mind to help you become your personal best.

Control or eliminate unwanted habits.

Create a positive new identity for yourself.

Develop your latent talents and abilities.

In three easy steps, you`ll learn how to create your own personal self-hynosis session and make your own self-help tapes geared to your specific needs.

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