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Music CD
Spring Hill Music
May, 2014
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Michael Hoppé is one of the best classical music composers of our time. Among his works are the classics Solace, The Dreamer, and The Poet: Romances for Cello. His new collaboration with the violist Harold Moses, Serenity, combines harmonious and intense melodies performed by Harold with gentle arrangements and improvised chords by Michael on keyboards. The viola is the real gem on this album.

Serenity is divided into thirteen sections all, astonishingly, completely improvised. Twelve of them dedicated to each month of the year and the last one is a song for the New Year. And each is accompanied by its own haiku by Brett Brady.

        her frantic search
    thru forest and meadow…
           the last firefly

The music? Utter bliss, calm and, yes, serenity. Harold Moses is a composer and partner in Harmonic Research and Design, an Arizona company that develops vibrational health and wellness devices. Most of the improvisations are ethereal and ambient, but most also have a bit of a melody line as well. The grace and elegance of the music make it wonderful for massage and healing, as a backdrop for many quieter activities, and also for simply relaxing and getting lost in.

Moses plays the viola with the poignance of a cello—sometimes warm and earthy, sometimes achingly sad. “Serenity V - May” features Moses playing his viola pizzicato (plucking the strings) as well as with the bow. Darkly mysterious and exotic, it’s quite different from the others. “Serenity VIII - August” is almost fragile yet touches very deeply. “Serenity XI - November” goes in a livelier direction with a folk/Celtic spirit that really wants to dance.

Serenity seems destined to become a Hoppé classic, as it clearly demonstrates his sensibilities at their very best. Bravo to Harold Moses as well, as he and Hoppé seem to be kindred musical spirits.

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