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The Sevenfold Journey

Reclaiming Mind, Body and Spirit through the Chakras
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Paperback Book
April, 1993
$24.99 CAD
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Covering major areas of concern, this self-help journey guides the reader through the seven areas of consciousness related to the energy centres of yoga, known as chakras. To fully thrive, all of the chakras need to be open and functioning in balance with the others. Leftover distress from hurtful childhood experiences and oppressive cultural conditioning can damage the chakras and impair our functioning in vital areas.

Based on the authors’ popular nine-month Chakra Intensive workshops, The Sevenfold Journey gives us a step-by-step approach (illustrated with photos and diagrams) to healing and balancing our life using contemporary therapeutic techniques, yoga, bioenergetics, helpful journal exercises, meditation, dance, movement and ritual. The authors weave ancient and modern wisdom strands into a powerful tapestry of well road-tested exercises and techniques for facilitating personal growth, healing and transformation.

For years we have focused and fused, muscled and mused our way up and down the chakra ladder, creating and re-creating new and different teaching materials. This book is a compilation of those materials. With this book, you can go through the process at your own pace, spending longer on the charkas that need the attention and being the master of your own spiritual growth program…

Take your time. Make it a practice to savor each exercise, to isolate it long enough to feel which is the most effective for you. It is so common for people in our culture to rush through, grasp at the beginnings of understanding, but never delve deeply. We want you to enjoy the process of working on yourself.

Also by Anodea Judith are Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind, as well as the audio set The Chakra System.

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Combining yoga, psychotherapy, movement, and ritual, the authors weave ancient and modern wisdom into a powerful tapestry of techniques for facilitating personal growth, healing, and transformation. Based on their popular Nine-Month Chakra workshops, THE SEVENFOLD JOURNEY provides a step-by-step approach to healing and balancing one'?s life using contemporary psychotherapeutic techniques, yoga, bioenergetics, journal exercises, meditation, dance, and ritual.Visit the home page of Anodea.Combining yoga, movement, psychotherapy, and ritual, the authors weave ancient and modern wisdom into a powerful tapestry of techniques for facilitating personal growth and healing.

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