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Sex, Drugs and Magick

Paperback Book
New Falcon
June, 1987
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A potentially explosive book, if it catches on. It is remarkably free from the Alice-in-Freakland logic so popular among drug scene apologists; concurrently it has enormous built-in appeal for those we lump - for want of a more explicit term - into the "counterculture." Wilson's major concern - the causal relationship between the "real" sex drugs (marijuana, hashish, cocaine, the psychedelics) and sexual pleasure and performance - is pursued via case histories, consideration of the medical and social scientific evidence, and personal formulations (e.g., a tabular comparison of "ordinary" sex and sex on varieties of dope). All of this is accomplished in an easy spirit of author-reader camaraderie. But Wilson's turn-on goes well beyond examination of the sensate drug-sex experience: he analyzes historically and cross-culturally the use of stimulants in Christian and Oriental societies, finding parallels, for instance, between Masters and Johnson's recent findings and Hindu practices.Sex, drugs and magick are fascinating and dangerous subjects in these times. When put together, they are absolute dynamite! Originally published by Playboy Press, this book can be considered a "scholarly" appraisal of both the historical and modern use (and misuse) of drugs in conjunction with sex and "occult" practices. But don't let the word "scholarly" put you off. Done in Wilson's inimitable style, this book is filled with humour, cynicism, wonder and essential information for those who would pursue what can be an immensely rewarding path, potholed with an array of social and physical dangers.

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