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Shamans Through Time

500 Years on the Path to Knowledge
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Paperback Book
September, 2004
$18.00 CAD
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This collection of essays traces Western civilization’s struggle to interpret and understand the ancient knowledge of cultures that revere magic men and women—individuals with the power to summon and communicate with spirits. These writings by priests, explorers, adventurers, natural historians, and anthropologists express the wonder of strangers in a new world. Who were these extraordinary people, men who imitated the sounds of animals in the night, or drank tobacco juice through funnels, or wore collars filled with stinging ants?

Illustrated with black-and-white photographs, Shamans Through Time is a rare chronicle of changing attitudes toward that which is strange and unfamiliar. With essays by such well-known thinkers as Claude Lévi-Strauss, Black Elk, Carlos Castaneda, and Franz Boas, it provides an awesome glimpse into the incredible shamanic practices of cultures around the world.

Jeremy Narby also wrote The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. Francis Huxley has written several books, among them The Way of the Sacred and The Eye: The Seer and the Seen.

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