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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream Sleep CD

A guided exercise with music designed to lull you into a deep sleep
Music CD
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November, 2017
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A good night's sleep is key to a sense of well being. Without it we can lose our work/life Balance, feel tired and drained. Whereas a well-rested person is full of energy.  A recent survey found that more than 70% of people find it difficult to sleep a few nights a week. Musician, storyteller and QiGong guide Iqbal Ishani has a solution for you. This CD can help you sleep dependably and deeper.

In his 25 years of Qi Gong studies, Iqbal learned much from traditional Chinese doctors, monks and science about sleep and the value of inner nourishment. He brings together these eclectic teachings and subtly entrancing music to help you sleep. His 70-minute guided meditation, To Sleep, Perchance to Dream, is designed to lull you, almost like a hypnotist, into a deep sleep. There is eleven minutes of guidance + music at the beginning of the Sleep CD and 59 minutes of only music to lull you into a deeper state of deserved sleep. Iqbal's guiding voice, and then his sonorous guitar notes and easy rhythms will help you toward deep rest, from which you can awake feeling rested and refreshed.

Warning: this music is intended to put you to sleep.

For free access to Iqbal's "7 Tips to Relaxation using Qi Gong Techniques" (wonderful simple practice tips), click here:


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