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Smart Plants

Power Foods & Natural Nootropics for Optimized Thinking, Focus & Memory
Hardcover Book
Sterling Epicure
December, 2019
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Eat smart and get smart with brain-boosting nutrients and compounds found in plant-based foodsand enjoy 65 recipes especially formulated to improve attention, focus, memory, and overall brain health.

What's your brain craving? If you're struggling with focus and memory lapses, fighting bouts of mental fog, or feeling weighed down by stress, dietary changes can help. SmartPlantsoffers a practical strategy for optimizing brain health through plant-based foods that contain a unique array of nutrients and natural compoundsincluding nootropics, cognition-enhancing substances that can improve memory, learning, and problem solving. To make the transition to a healthier mind and body as inviting and effortless as possible, bestselling author Julie Morris shares 65 recipes so delicious you wont believe they feature some of natures most powerful ingredients. Feed your brain with such palate-pleasing dishes as Berry-Almond Amaranth Porridge, French Lentils with Roasted Radishes, Fig & Hazelnut Wild Rice Salad, Garlicky Butter Bean Soup with Kale, Matcha Custard with Wild Berries, and more!

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