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Poems with Music
Spoken Word CD
Many Rivers
June, 2012
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On Sometimes, acclaimed poet and author David Whyte and celebrated film score composer Jeff Rona collaborate to take listeners on a poetic and auditory passage through the thresholds of understanding that mark the seasons of a human life. The constellation of meditative poems and haunting musical accompaniments echo themes of faith, courage, exile and homecoming, including Everything is Waiting For You, an evocative and imaginative tribute to the way ordinary objects call us to belong to a larger world. With a poignant blessing to a young daughter and an admonition to begin each journey with the ground beneath our feet, Sometimes is a moving invitation to participate more fully in the deep current of existence.

Some of the poems read here include:
The Journey
The Lightest Touch
Start Close In
What to Remember When Waking
The House of Belonging
Everything is Waiting for You
Horses Moving on the Snow
The True Love

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