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The Song Of Songs

The World's Frst Great Love Poem
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Paperback Book
Random House
October, 2006
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Banyen's Description: 

Kiss me, make me drunk with your kisses!

Your sweet loving

Is better than wine.

So begins the Song of Songs, often referred to as the Song of Solomon, one of the greatest love poems of all time.  Set in a fragrant world of fertility and abundance, the Song celebrates the sexual awakening of a young woman and her lover, and the intoxicating experience of falling in love. It is no wonder that this book of the Old Testament, composed over 2,000 years ago, continues to be a source of inspiration to poets and lovers.

In their lyrical new translation, Ariel Bloch and Chana Bloch—he a professor of Semitics, she a poet—restore the sensuousness of the original language that is rich, joyous, and passionate. Scrupulously faithful to the Hebrew text, the Blochs strip away the veils of mistranslation that have obscured the power and meaning of the poem.

And oh, your sweet loving,

my sister, my bride.

The wine of your kisses, the spice

of your fragrant oils.

Your lips are honey, honey and milk

are under your tongue,

your clothes hold the scent of

An enclosed garden is my sister, my bride,

a hidden well, a sealed spring.


Your branches are an orchard

of pomegranate trees heavy with fruit,

flowering henna and spikenard,

spikenard and saffron, cane and cinnamon,

with every tree of frankincense,

myrrh and aloes,

all the rare spices.


You are a fountain in the garden,

a well of living waters

that stream from

“Quite simply the best version in the English language. Its poetic voice, intimate, dignified, and informed by meticulous scholarship, carries us into the
of the original Hebrew text: a world in which the sexual awakening of two unmarried lovers is celebrated with a sensuality and richness of music that are thrilling beyond words.” —Stephen Mitchell

Publisher’s Description: 

Next to Genesis, no book in the Hebrew Bible has had a stronger influence on Western literature than the Song of Songs.
The New York Review of Books

One of the greatest love poems ever written, The Song of Songs celebrates the sexual awakening of a young woman and her lover and the intoxicating experience of falling in love. Composed more than two thousand years ago, this book of the Old Testament is not only an essential religious and literary text, but also a source of inspiration to modern-day poets and lovers. Enhanced by an Afterword by the esteemed scholar Robert Alter and a new Foreword from the noted translator Stephen Mitchell, this definitive volume showcases Chana Bloch and Ariel Blochs sensuous translation which has a lyrical purity that is delightful (W. S. Merwin).

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