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Soul Cards 1

Tarot + Oracle Card Set
Center for Touch Drawing
September, 1996
$34.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Of this wonderful set of full-colour cards, which is a gift in the best sense of the word, Deborah writes,

You hold in your hands an offering of images from the depths of the human soul. Use these images to nourish and evoke your own wisdom and creativity. There are no preconceived meanings to the cards. Think of them as windows through which you can view your inner landscape. Any one image may evoke a different response depending on the context in which it is seen.

The Instruction Manual offers a full range of possibilities for using the SoulCards. Be open to new ways to integrate them into your life. The deck is enlivened by your creative energy.

Each of these sixty images is a remarkable work of art in itself. Many of then could find a place on an altar, or might be used for creative incubation . . . or for inviting the active imagination accompanying synchronicities, where the unconscious bubbles up into awareness and life is shaped with new meaning. Of course many forms of divinatory readings might also be explored with these cards.

Deborah Koff-Chapin’s gift is “touch drawing,” a technique of fingertips on paper over inked glass. She has used this gift to create art, do personal readings, present at conferences, and plumb the recesses of the psyche. As she writes in her manual, the use of these cards/images can evoke depths of soul that are best respected with preparation:

Take a moment to quiet your mind so that you can hear the voice of your soul. Select a time and space that is free of distractions. Sit comfortably, feeling the length of your spine. Bring your attention to your breathing. When you feel a sense of stillness and openness, ask for support from within for your experience with the cards.

With SoulCards in your hands, take some time to become clear about your intent. It may be helpful to write down some thoughts on the subject you want to explore. Do your best to get in touch with the core issue. For example, if you are trying to decide whether to move to a new home, you might list qualities that make you feel at home. This may help you realize that there are other reasons that you are not at home in your life. When you feel as deeply in touch with your issue as possible, formulate a simple question or statement. The closer you are to the core of the matter, the deeper your session with the cards will be.

“Who has not dreamed of finding a treasure chest? I have found one. One has only to dip into Deborah Koff-Chapin’s exquisite cards to find the soul’s equivalent of the most precious gems, the rarest spices, the choicest silks. And I am not alone. Wherever I take these cards, they are met with wonder and enthusiasm. I feel this way too: fascinated, and eager to buy sets for my friends as a precious soul gift, a treasure trove!” —Sherry Ruth Anderson, co-author of The Feminine Face of God

“When I first saw all the SoulCards spread out before me, I felt as though I were looking at myself, our ancestors, all the darkness and light, all the beauty, hope, fear, and wonder of our species. The images seem to have sprung as organically from the flow of human time and seasons as wildflowers, prairie grass or clouds in a summer sky. And it’s not surprising. They are each intuitively drawn, without pencil, brush or any instrument but the fingers of the artist’s hands. SoulCards are a powerful tool for awakening consciousness—all the more powerful because they are not linked to language and its limitations.” —Ken Carey, author of The Third Millennium

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