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Soul Cards 2

Tarot + Oracle Card Set
Center for Touch Drawing
December, 2000
$32.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

A living visionary energy pulses through this deck of Soul Cards 2—a gallery of hand-held images which can be used for reflection, divination, silent contemplation, visualization, and with movement or music—alone or in group work. The images have been drawn from artist Deborah Koff-Chapin’s thousands of “touch drawings,” images created directly from her fingertips in pure attunement to the moment, “with no purpose in mind other than a deep desire to give form to the universal human soul.”

You hold in your hands an offering of images from the depths of the human soul. Use them to nourish and evoke your own insight and creativity. There are no preconceived meanings to the cards. Think of them as mirrors through which to reflect upon your own soul. Any image may evoke a different response, depending upon who chooses it and the context in which it is seen... May these images serve as an inspiration in the remembrance of who you are.

 Of Soul Cards, Deborah’s first deck released in 1995, Carolyn Myss said, “These cards are incredible. They are vessels of guidance through which people can allow insight from their interior to emerge into their conscious minds.”

Soul Cards 2 consists of 60 brilliant, dreamlike, organic images which are powerful enough to evoke strong emotional and spiritual insight. They can be used “as is” in the many ways suggested in the accompanying 36-page booklet, or combined with the first deck of Soul Cards to extend the images and possibilities.

These images reflect universal qualities in our evolving consciousness. I trust that you will enliven these images with your insight and creativity, and discover your own ways to bring them to life.

“These cards have an amazing spirit and presence within them. If you found the first set inspirational, this new collection will be even more so, reaching a whole new depth of power and resonance.” —David Spangler

Also by Deborah Koff-Chapin are Drawing Out Your Soul: The Touch Drawing Handbook and Through the Veil: The Story of Touch Drawing (60-minute video).

Publisher’s Description: 

Like the best-selling Soulcards, Soulcards II is an exquisite set of 60 color cards which speak directly to the soul through images. A 36-page manual provides creative methods to interact with the cards, accessing your own personal insights. Used alone, with a partner or in a group, the set is complete unto itself, or can be a companion to the original Soulcards to enrich the range of imagery. Mysterious and revealing, says novelist Isabel Allende.

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