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The Soul of Change

Spoken Word CD
March, 2010
$46.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Change is not easily accomplished because genuine change requires that one’s whole life be altered—mind and body, spirit and soul. Such transformations involve facing obstacles as well as finding new ways to proceed. When it comes to making meaningful changes the missing ingredient is usually the soul.

In this dynamic recording drumming-storyteller and mythologist Michael Meade places the human soul at the center of meaningful change for healing both culture and nature. He declares the soul is “the secret agent of change and the glue of the world. The soul involves the intimacy of Eros as well as our connection to the divine.”

We are supposed to be in an erotic exchange with this world. Everyone is naturally erotic; all of us more wildly, deeply erotic than we thought we should be. The soul is the secret glue of life and to be with the soul is to become erotic. Because the soul loves life and loves to love.

Drawing on a variety of traditions, Meade depicts how the modern world keeps losing the soul connection, leaving many feeling disconnected and disheartened. Yet, he also shows how times of trouble and darkness can precipitate surprising soul-making. “When all seems lost we can discover what is truly ours, what lives in our soul, what cannot be taken from us.”

On these 4 CDs, Michael tells the stories “The Goldfish Bowl, “Maggots and Gold,” and “Manu and the Fish.” Themes include Eros and Soul; Territory of Emotions;  The Door of Initiation; Soul and Community;  Making More Soul; Soul, Ecology and Myth; The Village of Healing; Power, Money, Sex; Being a Friend of God.

In addition to lively CD programs, Michael Meade is author of the books The Water of Life and The World Behind the World. Visit him at

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