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Sound Healing Set (CD, Ohm Tuning Fork, Instructions)

Multimedia Learning Kit
September, 2005
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$125.00 CAD
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Experience the Stress-relieving properties and good vibrations of the Ohm Tuning Fork, and Treat yourself at Home with Ohm!

Package includes CD, Ohm Tuning Fork (136.1 hz), Activator (latex-free), and detailed instructions, photos and illustrations demonstrating Use! At last, a perfect introductory package so everyone can benefit from the many health benefits of Sound Healing.

Adults, Children and Pets love the playful interaction and good vibrations of the Ohm Tuning fork plus the soothing Music and Sounds of the Earth! Tune in to Ohm!

Package Features:

An introduction to the stress-relieving properties of the Ohm Tuning Fork plus Music in the key of Ohm!

Easy instructions for use accompany CD with printed insert illustrating treatment applications suitable for the entire family, even pets!

Information about the Ohm frequency and why this soothing earth tone is so effective for relieving stress and bringing balance

Instructions Illustrate:

How to hold and how to activate the Ohm Tuning Fork

Methods for understanding Sound Healing basics, for example, how vibration can open the bodys energetic pathways to increase vitality and energy

Four easy Self-Treatment applications, plus additional recommendations for relief of headache, sinus and chest congestion, cramping muscles, repetitive stress injuries and more!

Made in the USA from space grade aluminum, Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks are fully guaranteed to stay in tune.

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