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At the Source of Being

Teachings on the Arising of the Awakened State
Spoken Word CD
Eckhart Teachings
April, 2018
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If you go about your day trapped in the realm of thinking, it’s difficult if not impossible to free yourself from stress and anxiety—and the interpersonal suffering that goes along with it. But if you’re rooted in the Now, explains Eckhart Tolle, you’re already standing in a place of deep fulfillment. At the Source of Being brings you a five-part intensive retreat with Eckhart Tolle, presenting more than seven hours of in-depth guidance in the central aspects of his simple yet life-changing teaching. Recorded amidst the natural beauty of an Australian rainforest, Eckhart discusses a range of topics including:

  • How our obstacles can become an opening for spiritual growth
  • Attending to the all-pervasive aliveness that surrounds us
  • The realization of our “formless” identity
  • The only question that matters: Am I present at this moment?
  • The meaning of “saying yes to what is”—and the art of stating a “high-quality no”
  • Being the space in which things happen
  • That which cannot be threatened
  • Stillness and true relationship
  • Meeting situations with intense consciousness instead of reactivity
  • Eckhart’s personal “self-destruction” story
  • How presence transforms our experience of uncertainty
  • Eroding old habits through the practice of detachment
  • Pre-egoic thinking and the archetype of the Fool

The only true cause of upset is losing yourself in the world or in your mind. Mastery arrives when there is total attention to Being without a secondary motive.

At the Source of Being is rich with insights and inspiration for integrating your “presence practice” into every aspect of daily life.

Includes a helpful question-and-answer session with retreat participants.

Publisher’s Description: 

Recorded on retreat in Australia, At the Source of Being presents five teaching sessions with Eckhart Tolle to help us realize the deeper purpose of humanityto live in the world anchored in the awareness of our essential nature. Exploring a range of topics including awakening from the dream of reality, dealing with the pain-body, transcending the psychological need for time, and much more, this in-depth program brings you more than seven hours of Eckharts one-of-a-kind guidance.

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