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Spiral House

Revealing the Sacred in Everyday Life
Hardcover Book
Glitterati Incorporated
April, 2019
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An inspiring, lavishly illustrated book about how artist Tom Gottsleben and his wife, Patty Livingston, spent years building and living in a 5-story spiral house made of stone Architects, landscape designers, and artists who explore metaphysical ideas in their work will be drawn to this singular approach to architecture and design Why was an artist with no architectural experience inspired to design and build a five-story spiral house made of stone? Can a home designed as sacred architecture be a comfortable place to live in the 21st century? How does living in a sacred space support one's path to awakening? These questions are answered in the story of artist Tom Gottsleben and his wife, Patty Livingston, who spent 20 years exploring what it means to build and live in a home designed as sacred space. This inspiring and informative book tells of Tom's years exploring stone sculpture and landscaping walls, his lifelong spiritual practice, accidental discovery of sacred geometry, and how Patty's pragmatic nature grounded the project in the practicalities of a comfortable home. Although this is the personal story of one couple's journey and their beautiful home and joyful approach to life, its purpose is to attune readers to seeing and creating sacred space in their own lives.

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