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The Spirit of Healing

Shamanic Journey Music
Music CD
Sounds True
August, 2015
$23.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Scientifically Enhanced Shamanic Music for Accessing Expanded Consciousness

Ancient shamans and modern sound researchers discovered the same thingrhythm is the most reliable way to shift our brainwave states. On The Spirit of Healing, renowned teacher Sandra Ingerman joins shamanic trance drummer Byron Metcalf to present scientifically enhanced music to help you easily access an altered state and connect to the spirit world. Combining traditional drums and other shamanic instruments and sounds with Field Effect Audio Technology, these three tracks offer an extraordinarily powerful accompaniment to shamanic practice. The three sessions on this album can facilitate any shamanic journey, but each was created with a specific intention in mindone for cleansing the past, one for dreaming the life you want, and one for merging with a star to experience your own divine light.

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