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Spiritual Power

How It Works
Paperback Book
Golden Sufi
November, 2005
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 Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Sufi teacher and author of Catching the Thread, Bond with the Beloved and other books, here takes a radical approach to the problems of our present time, bringing spiritual activism to a whole new level of global involvement. He suggests that only through the activation and use of real spiritual power can we make the transition out of our present era into the future that is awaiting us: that we need spiritual power to purify and awaken the world.

There is an ancient tradition of using spiritual power in the world and we need to reclaim this knowledge. Spiritual Power introduces us to this esoteric tradition, and shows how we can each make a dynamic contribution to help the world to evolve. It describes the differences between worldly and spiritual power, how we can access the light of the soul of the world, and use it to break through the forces of materialism. It also takes us into the realm of natural magic, showing how we can work with this creative energy that is needed for life’s regeneration. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee stresses the role of the feminine at this time of transition, how she holds the secrets of life’s oneness and the patterns of relationship that are needed to reconnect us with the sacred.

“A poetic and energetic vision of a new way to experience life—the power of the future made present today. It is a joy and relief to read a book about spirituality written from the viewpoint of unity, presence, and love. This is an important book, one that looks toward the integration of the wisdoms of the earth and sky cultivated over the past 15,000 years.” —Neil Douglas-Klotz, author The Sufi Book of Life




Publisher’s Description: 
Asking the question How can we use spiritual power to help heal and transform the planet? this visionary book contrasts spiritual and worldly power, and introduces an esoteric tradition that needs to be reclaimed. This vital knowledge, held in trust by spiritual masters, shows how spiritual power can work in the world, and how each person can make a dynamic contribution to help the world evolve.

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