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Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times

Powerful Tools to Cultivate Calm, Clarity, and Courage
Paperback Book
Hay House
August, 2020
$19.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Do you ever feel torn between finding refuge and staying informed and engaged? Have you ever felt too stressed out to meditate? Too anxious to roll out your yoga mat or pray?

The truth is, when the world gets chaotic and confounding, we need spiritual practice more than ever. That's when our souls need sustenance. That's when we need to recharge and ground ourselves to take on the challenge.

This concise, compassionate guide is filled with tools and techniques for accessing the sanctuary within you. They'll give you spiritual support at a moment's notice, in whatever time you have, with whatever attention you can spare.

Expert teacher Philip Goldberg draws on authoritative texts and teachers from every spiritual path, especially the empirical methods of the Yoga tradition—as well as contemporary psychology and scientific research. The result is a wide range of techniques to relieve the mind and body, refresh the spirit, and gird us for constructive action. You'll get insightful instruction in practices ranging from deep meditation to cognitive reframing to "spiritual space management," from silently communing with nature to actively engaging with others. And you'll find detailed guidelines for creating a spiritual routine—along with an inventory of supplementary practices—that suits your needs and lifestyle.

This breezy, thorough, pragmatic book will help you find refuge and healing amid the crazy times we're living in—and it will prepare you for taking robust steps to help restore sanity in the world around you.

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