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The Spiritual Practices Of Rumi

Radical Techniques for Beholding the Divine
Paperback Book
Inner Traditions
September, 2007
$17.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Using Rumi’s ecstatic poetry and what is known of his life, this book purports to reveal the actual practices that transformed Rumi from a conventional Islamic scholar into the mystic poet who originated the dance of the whirling dervishes.

In 1244, in what is now Konya, Turkey, Jalalludin Rumi met a wandering “jewel” named Shams-i-Tabriz. Upon meeting, the two men went into private retreat together and emerged 90 days later in a radiantly transformed condition. And the astonishingly gorgeous wisdom-well of poetry that poured through Rumi for the rest of his life continues to nourish over 700 years later. Rumi is now the most popular poet in North America!

In The Spiritual Practices of Rumi, Will Johnson unfolds the radical spiritual practice that transpired between Rumi and Shams. To put it simply, they sat and gazed into each other’s eyes. Because the eyes are portals to the soul, their sustained gazing formed the basis of a devotional practice that opened the doors to a profoundly ecstatic state of divine union. He also explains how one may embark on the practice of intentional gazing to experience the state of ecstatic divine union.

From all accounts, what the two were doing together was nothing less than dying into love, and such an experience is rightly spoken of as a mystery. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to participate ourselves in the practices that let them grow wings and fly toward the sun?

Using the poetry and words of Rumi to document this radical practice step-by-step, Johnson leads an extensive search through Rumi’s life to uncover the mystical secrets of divine Union in sacred friendship and intimate partnering.

When you truly meet another in this way, at the depth of your souls, you both pass over the threshold of separation and find yourselves swimming together in the ocean of union. Where formerly there were two separate beings, two separate minds, two separate souls, now suddenly there is a merger into a larger conglomerate of being. The waters of this sea are comforting beyond any ocean you’ve ever bathed in.

This invitation “to enter into the experience to which Rumi’s poetry alludes and out of which it was born” explores how that could look and feel today, “a wonderful set of practices that you and your friend can enter into right now.”

What does matter is for you to hold on to your beloved and for your beloved to hold on to you through the shared connection of your gaze. Hold on to that connection, and let it guide you in your journey. Whether you physically touch or not, embrace each other through the gaze, and enjoy the feeling of two souls becoming one.

Also by Will Johnson is Forbidden Rumi.

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Publisher’s Description: 

In 1244 AD, Jallaludin Rumi met a wandering seeker named Shams-i-Tabriz. The two men immediately went into private retreat together, emerging 90 days later totally transformed. Drawing on Rumis poetry and prose, Will Johnson reveals what brought this about. To put it simply, they sat and gazed into each others eyes. Because the eyes are portals to the soul, their sustained gazing opened the doors to a profound state of divine union. With Johnsons help, modern seekers may learn this radical spiritual practice themselves. 208 pp.

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