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Spirituality of the Third Millennium

Paperback Book
Dog Ear Publishing
February, 2011
$19.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

This is Holy Text. The words carry the key to heaven, nirvana, and enlightenment in this life without the need to die. Experience your connection to the almighty cosmos and what you have always been: love, light, happiness, joy, bliss, all-knowing intelligence, everywhere present for all time, perfection, peach and gentleness, infinite energy, abundance, without judgment, and timelessness. What a wonderful way to live a life! This is the gift of the third millennium - an all-encompassing spirituality. "This spiritual guide offers an integral and relevant response to the deepest questions asked b seekers of all time: Who are we? With practices that are both personal and cosmic, Roger Lanphear unfolds a sacred pathway for awakening to the mystery of love. His Ten Directives are essential ways to experience oneself as an evolutionary mystic in the 21st century."- Barbara Marx Hubbard

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