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Spray Citron de Vigne

Body Care + Essential Oils
March, 2017
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Banyen's Description: 
The house of Rue De Marli is a Canadian based body care company. It revives the ancient art of the master herbalists by perfecting the use of traditional medicinal and olfactory plants in the preparation of all its formulations. The key to this savoir-faire is our passion to pick the most fragrant, organic plants at the peak of their maturity.
  • All ingredients are organic and natural
  • Fragrances created by Perfumers in Grasse (France), using only natural 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • No Synthetics or Parabens are contained in our Bath & Body Care Products
  • All soaps are made with 100% Organic Shea Butter
  • All products are tested on humans, not animals
Publisher’s Description: 

Experience the revitalizing freshness of a citrus grove with this ultra fragrant and long lasting room spray. You can also safely use this room mist to lightly scent your favorite and delicate linens, fabrics, cushions, pillows, etc. Enjoy hours of aromatic pleasure with each spray.

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