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Spray Smudge Chiiyaam 29ml

Aromatherapy Perfume
Incense / Smudging
December, 2014
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Publisher’s Description: 

Chiiyaam, previously called Invocation Liquid Smudge, has an appeasing effect as it brings calm and serenity. As it is, Chiiyaam is an Algonquin word which means “Peace”.

Blue Eagle, First Nations medicine-man, created Chiiyaam after turning to essential oils and plant extracts as substitutes for traditional fumigation, used to purify places and people. This Relaxing Essence combines First Nations therapeutic techniques with those of French perfumery. Chiiyaam is made from 16 essential oils and plant extracts, according to an exclusive recipe that brings forth a unique fragrance reminiscent of the great original forests of Canada.

Like all our Native Essences, Chiiyaam is handcrafted in small quantities at our facility from plants that have been harvested with respect for the environment. The process takes 14 months, with Blue Eagle supervising the quality of each batch of Chiiyaam.

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