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The Star Children

Hardcover Book
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May, 2016
$19.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

In this beautifully illustrated book, some star children come to the earth to play in nature with earth children. There is a little question of how they will get back up to the sky world, and whether they will remember what to do. The book invites the child to engage with nature and the larger world around them with their feelings and their soul. Archetypal characters can be taken on the level of imagination, or can be introduced to the child on a deeper level. Poetic prose creates a space apart that can be gently ambled through while often opening doors to conversation. This book nourishes a part of the developing child that our urbanized and technology driven world overlooks.

A testimonial from a happy mom:  A beautiful and uplifting book. A book I wish for all of you, no matter what age.

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