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Staying Awake

The Ordinary Art
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True Inc
February, 2012
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Most of us can remember a time when we felt completely awake—fully present, deeply engaged, our heart and mind wide open. We also know very well those periods of sleepiness when our purpose is unclear, we lose our way in relationship, or life’s challenges seem more than we can bear. In Staying Awake, Mark Nepo invites us to inhabit our truest selves “in all ways in all directions,” as we find our own voices in the One Conversation in which each of our lives is a story waiting to be told.

With a poet’s keen view of the vast and often hidden territories of the inner life, Mark talks directly about what a gift it is to be here and about the resources that the mysteries of being and experience reveal. Informed by his journey through cancer, he explores the lessons brought to us by the press of love and suffering. For each of us is born awake and yet it takes courage to stay awake, to remember that all we encounter is real.

We are stronger, gentler, more resilient, and more beautiful than any of us imagine.

Sharing his own rich poetry along with the inspired writing of luminaries across generations, Nepo guides us in the central practice of staying awake: to be who we are, no matter what we face, and to enter our days and moments to the fullest. We do this, he teaches, by holding nothing back—by bringing all of who we are to every situation, enlivening our connection with everything life has to offer.


ª  The direct tasting of life

ª  The unwanted guest: what it asks of us

ª  The deep listener, the deep speaker, and the deep questioner within

ª   The risk to be present

ª  The reliable truths that never change.

Over eight hours of poetry, teaching stories, exercises, and explorations for practicing the ordinary art of staying awake.

Publisher’s Description: 

Oprah Winfrey called poet-philosopher Mark Nepo's The Book of Awakening (Conari Press, 2000) "an answer to a prayer" as she sought guidance in staying centred in life.

Mark Nepo now presents Staying Awake, his first full-length audio learning course for remaining present, open, and committed to the full spectrum of experience this human incarnation offers. This three-part program blends poetry, spiritual insight, and reflections from Nepo's journey through cancer to illuminate the "way under the way" - or how to sense and inhabit the place of true meeting, how to make sense of our experience and the mystery of transformation, and how to give voice to our authenticity.

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