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The Stillness Inside

The Meditation Music
Music CD
Sounds True
August, 2011
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In 1968, Paul Horn slipped into the Taj Mahal with his silver flute and a tape recorder—and created an improvisational masterpiece that would signify the birth of a new genre in music. With a rare ability to capture in music the essence of sacred space, Horn went on to record a landmark series of albums in noted spiritual sites across the globe. On The Stillness Inside, this four-time Grammy nominee shares for the first time his favorite compositions for the exploration of the sacred interior that each one of us holds within.

Paul writes in his heartful liner notes:

My experiences with Maharishi and with meditation created a whole new life. My value system changed—and with it my music and everything else in my life. Each day I meditated morning and evening. I became more centered within myself. Meditation has been the single most important tool that I have found. It has supported every aspect of my life, inner and outer…

Meditation is a technique, not a religion or philosophy. It is a quiet experience whereby we begin to settle down, release stress, and allow feelings of peace and well-being to arise…

I have found music to be a beautiful way to begin this inner journey…

So get comfortable, set the mood, close your eyes, and let the music take you on a journey—an inner journey.

Included on The Stillness Inside are Paul’s favourite cuts from a number of legendary albums: Inside the Great Pyramid, Inside the Cathedral, Inside the Taj Mahal, Traveler, and Inside the Potala Palace.



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