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From Stillness to Presence

Discovering Our Identity Beyond the Personal
Spoken Word CD
Sounds True
August, 2015
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When you discover that who you really are has nothing to do with what your thoughts tell you, something incredible happens: a vast space opens up. From that spaciousness comes a deeper intelligence that Eckhart Tolle calls “alert stillness”—or our essential nature beyond form. From Stillness to Presence explores our role in the evolution of human consciousness and how we can each begin to invite the arising of awareness in our lives.

Shedding light on the human condition in its unawakened state, Eckhart helps us break free from cycles of self-induced suffering and frustration to realize who we are beyond the narrow, mind-made sense of identity, as we consider: 

• Recognizing “the voice in the head” as the first step in transcending it

• The direct link between presence and enjoyment

• Nonresistance as the pathway to inner and outer peace

“This moment is always as it is,” explains Eckhart. “If you can accept that, the compulsive mind subsides, and who you are beyond form begins to emerge.” From Stillness to Presence points the way to a life that is ever more vital, creative, and inspired.


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