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The Storm Before the Calm

Book 1 in the Conversations with Humanity Series
Hardcover Book
Emnin Books
October, 2011
$16.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Something happened in early 2011 that hasnt happened in decades, perhaps centuriesand we didnt even notice it. That is,we didnt see it for what it was.

Massive unrest from Tunisia to Egypt to Libya rocked the Arab world and threw the globe into political crisis.Within days, an earthquake-tsunami-nuclear calamity of terrifying proportions shocked Japan and sent the world reeling once again, even as the globes financial markets shuddered to sustain themselves while states and nations tottered on the brink of bankruptcywhere many still linger.
All of this, of course, we did notice. What we may have missed was that ancient predictions for this period of time called for exactly this: simultaneous environmental, political, and financial disasters. Were we seeing the beginning of the end of historyandnot picking up the signal?
In his prescient new bookThe Storm Before The Calm,seven-timeNew York Timesbest-selling authorNeale Donald Walschoffers a startling answer: yes. But Walsch also says there is nothing to fear, advancing an extraordinary explanation for what is happening even now all over the planet.
Thenand more importanthe provides a stunning prescription for healing our lives and our world through the answering of seven simple questions, inviting people everywhere to join in an earth-saving exchange
Compelling and perfectly timed,The Storm Before The Calmanswers every question that is worth asking about December, 2012 and beyond.

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