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Making Sense of Our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story
Paperback Book
New World Library
November, 2007
$25.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Story is the heart of language, and storytelling—both oral tradition and written word—is the foundation of being human, as well as being the oldest healing-teaching practice found in all cultures throughout time.

In Storycatcher, Christina Baldwin, one of the visionaries who started the personal writing movement, explores the vital necessity of re-creating a sacred common ground for each other’s stories. Through story and example, Baldwin presents storytelling as an innate skill we can remember and practice. She shows the power of story to connect life experiences so that we can share them, learn from them, and teach each other through the medium of a good tale.

Each chapter in Storycatcher is carried by a fascinating tale—about people, family, or community—intertwined with practical instruction about the nature of story, how it works, and how we can practice it in our lives. The art of storycatching invites us to spend time speaking and listening, writing and reading, reclaiming the meaning missing from our lives. This book passionately calls for humanity to hang on to its voice, its love of reading and writing, and its understanding that story is our soul.

Whether exploring the personal stories revealed in our private journals, the stories of family legacy, the underlying stories that drive our organizations, or the stories that define our broadest definitions of identity, Christina encourages us all to become storycatchers—people who value story and find ways in the midst of everyday life to practice storytelling. Baldwin shows us how new stories lay the framework for a new world.

“I am absolutely entranced by this book. I felt woven into its stories and honored by its sincere invitation and guidance to recall my own stories. Christina has created a masterful work, one that reconnects us to the joy of being human and the goodness we create when we tell our stories and listen to those of others. This book brings more goodness into the world.” —Meg Wheatley, author of Turning To One Another

Also by Christina Baldwin are Life’s Companion and Calling the Circle.

Publisher’s Description: 

This remarkable guide illustrates the compassion, empathy, and humanity attainable when sharing stories with another person. At the same time, it encourages readers to identify their own personal stories and learn to actively cherish and strengthen them for a stronger sense of fulfillment. Story, the author contends, is the lifeblood of who we are -- it helps us position our own identity in the larger world and focuses us on our own history. Stories, in essence, individualize us, and Christina Baldwin invites her readers to unlock the immense power that story holds for each of us.Story is the heart of language; storytelling is the foundation of being human. One of the visionaries behind the personal writing movement explores the vital necessity of re-creating a sacred common ground for each others stories. Baldwin presents the art of storycatching as an innate skill we can all remember and practice. Each chapter is carried by a fascinating tale, intertwined with practical instruction about the nature of story, how it works, and it can be part our lives. Now in paper. 272 pp. October.

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