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Succulent Wild Woman (25th Anniversary Edition)

Dancing with Your Wonderful Self
Paperback Book
Atria Books
June, 2022
$33.00 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

This iconic and transformative 25th anniversary edition of the nationally bestselling celebration of joy, creativity, self-love, and female power is updated for new and longtime fans.

Discover the succulent woman within with this colorful guide to embracing creativity, sexuality, fear, and healing from the bestselling artist and writer SARK.

With her signature gentle and effervescent (Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way) prose and vibrant illustrations, SARK offers us an accessible guide to living life filled to the brim with joy, hope, and self-love. With a new and inspirational chapter, Succulent Wild Woman will effortlessly help you grow into your ripe, juicy, best self.

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