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Summer with the Leprechauns

A True Story: the Authorized Edition
Paperback Book
Tanis Helliwell
March, 2011
$20.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

With a humorous, enjoyable style, Tanis Helliwell delights skeptics and believers alike as she relates an incredible story that began after a long relationship ended. Ms. Helliwell took a break from corporate consulting and went to Ireland for a restful retreat. Instead of finding peace and quiet, she was pestered—and later charmed and even illumined—by the appearance of a Leprechaun and his family who lived in the cottage she’d rented.

The little man materialized before her one day, and became her daily companion. Her interest was piqued by the series of lessons he had to share. He hoped she would share them with the human race when the time was right.

His message is simple: there are many forms of life out there, and we need to respect them all. According to the small gentleman, elementals (Leprechauns, Faeries, Elves, etc.) wish to work with humans to heal the Earth and to evolve both of our species.

If humans could see lighter vibrations and the life force in all living things, they wouldn’t be harming the world the way they have been—killing streams, trees, and other delicate creatures. Humans could create wonderful food, beautiful gardens, and healthy trees if they listened to what nature wanted, visualized it happening, and enlisted the help of the ‘little people.’

“This delightful book is not only great fun to read, but makes most interesting and intelligent suggestions about the reality and work of this particular branch of the nature world. It can help us open our minds to fascinating dimensions that do exist on the planet.” —Dorothy Maclean, co-founder of Findhorn and author of To Hear the Angels Sing

“I remember those ‘intimations of childhood’ that said there were ‘little people’ watching me in the garden. As I read Summer with the Leprechauns, I felt all the joy and mystery of that long ago time rekindle in me. This is a magical and important book and one that deserves to become a cherished classic.” —Ann Mortifee, singer/composer, and author of In Love with the Mystery

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