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Tai Chi Chuan

Classical Yang Style : The Complete Long Form and Qigong
Paperback Book
YMAA Publication Center
September, 2010
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This revised edition of our best-selling beginner's tai chi book includes: a new user-friendly interior design with each movement presented in 4 to 6 large photographs, a navigation guide on using this book with its companion DVD, and updates to the transliteration of Chinese characters. Other sections offer a history of Tai Chi, fundamental training routines, and guidance on incorporating the all important energy work (Qigong) into your Tai Chi practice.Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) is a slow and relaxed moving meditation. It is also a sophisticated martial arts system. Through practicing Taijiquan, you are able to calm down the mind, locate your spiritual center, and consequently find your entire being. From the relaxed moving exercise, you can bring your physical body into an ultimate level of relaxation and natural ease, resulting in smooth Qi (inner energy) and blood circulation. This is a key to maintaining health and recovering from sickness. This book is an in-depth guide for beginners to learn Taijiquan properly. It offers a general plan for practicing Taijiquan, and then goes into great depth to present enough content for proper learning: You will learn: What Taijiquan is How to practice The history of Taijiquan Taijiquan postures About Qi, Qigong, and man Fundamental stances Categories of Qigong Taiji qigong Qigong training theory Qigong and Taijiquan Taijiquan thirteen postures (eight doors and five stepping) The traditional Yang Style Taijiquan Long Form This REVISED EDITION has a new easy-to-follow layout, each movement presented in a series of large photographs with clear same-page instructions for each Taiji posture. This book is sure to advance your practice and save you much time and energy.

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