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Taking Sexy Back

How to Own Your Sexuality and Create the Relationships You Want
Paperback Book
New Harbinger Publications
February, 2020
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It is time for anewsexual revolution. Its time to takesexy back.

The very notion of sexual pleasure has long been hijacked from women. Todays sexual climate leaves little to no space for honoring the complexities of sexsex as pleasure, sex as connection, sex as creative expression, sex as communication, and sex as healing. This is particularly true for young women navigating todays dating world, who need to be able to identify which sexual choices feel authentic, pleasurable, and joyful, and which ones leave them feeling less-than.

InTaking Sexy Back, relationship expert Alexandra Solomonauthor ofLoving Bravelyoffers a powerful and holistic approach to help you reclaim your sexuality, communicate your desires, draw boundaries, be safe, and build the satisfying relationships you truly want. Regardless of your current relationship status, youll learn to cultivate your own sexual self-awareness and use that awareness to create sexual experiences that elevate, connect, expand, and heal you.

Sex is about more than what your partner enjoys or finds sexy. Its about more than having an orgasm or finding the right positions. This book offers a road map to help you reclaim your sexual power. It offers time and space to think and feel, and to ask yourself the important questionwhat doyou want?

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