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Tantric Quest

An Encounter with Divine Love
Paperback Book
Inner Traditions
December, 1990
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In 1968 Daniel Odier left Europe for the Himalayas in search of a master who could help him penetrate where texts and intellectual searching could no longer take him. He wanted everything: the wisdom and spirituality gained from the life of an ascetic and the beauty, love, and sensuality of a life of passion. It was here that Odier discovered Shivaic Tantrism, the spiritual path that seeks to transcend ego and rediscover the divine by embracing the passions.

Tantrism is probably the only ancient philosophy that has survived all historical upheavals, invasions, and influences to reach us intact by uninterrupted transmission from master to disciple, and the only one, as well, to retain the image of the Great Goddess without inverting the power between woman and man to favor the latter. Entire Tantric lineages have followed great women masters, and still today, numerous female yogis continue to transmit this age-old wisdom. Great male masters have often retained the custom of initiating a female disciple as a way to draw from the very source of power.

After months of search, Odier met Devi, a great female yogi who would take him on a mystical journey like none he had ever imagined. At times moving him beyond the limits of sexual experience, at times threatening him with destruction, she taught him what it is to be truly alive and know the divine nature of absolute love.

Odier’s is a rare, direct account of this little-understood path.

Needless to say, the widespread image that reduces Tantrism to vague sexual techniques meant to miraculously liberate their practitioners, under the guise of spirituality, has nothing to do with Shivaism. Such practices—ineffectual, since they are not based on true yoga asceticism, which depends upon the triple mastery of the breath, mental emptiness, and bodily processes—are, at best, only harmless deviances, not so harmless if manipulation is involved.

Tantrism is a way of total love, which leads to the freedom to be. It is through this story of my encounter with a great yogini and her teachings that I invite you to share this marvelous experience.

Publisher’s Description: 

The author reveals his passionate experiences with a Tantric master who taught him the suppressed practices of her ancient order.In 1968 Daniel Odier went to the Himalayas in search of spirituality and passion and found both in Shivaic Tantrism, the secret spiritual path that seeks to rediscover the divine by embracing the passions. Through Devi, a great yogini, Odier learned what it is to truly be alive and to know the divine nature of absolute love.

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