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Tarot Individuation

A Jungian Study of Correspondences with Cabala, Alchemy, and the Chakras
Paperback Book
Nicolas Hays
July, 2004
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Banyen's Description: 

This is an updated edition of a book first published by Weiser in 1994.

Focusing on the major arcana of the tarot, Jungian analyst Irene Gad suggests that the first 10 trumps represent the descent of Spirit into matter (recalling the cabalistic Flash of Lightning). The following 11 trumps describe the difficult journey back (the cabalistic path of the Serpent) to merge with the Source. The last card, The Fool, sets in motion “formation, transformation, the eternal Mind’s eternal recreation.” As esoteric as it sounds, this cycle is no more than the individuation process, a task to which each of us is called. Amplifying the message of each trump with Jungian, cabalistic, and alchemical interpretations, Dr. Gad enables you to use the tarot as a map for individuation and restoration of harmony, and to bring you simultaneous awareness of your uniqueness and humanity—that you are not alone in your experiences on the path. By interweaving tarot, alchemy, and cabala, this book gives you a solid understanding of each tradition. Included is a section on divination, compiling 72 spreads so you can select the layout appropriate to any occasion or match the pattern that best corresponds to questions that may be answered using this imagery and symbolism.

New to this revised edition is the Transcendent Function Spread, which can actually activate the transcendent function to aid you in finding a helpful perspective on your life journey. This edition also includes a new section on tarot and kundalini in which the author uses Jung’s “Psychological Commentary on Kundalini Yoga” to validate her setting the last 11 trumps along the ascending Path of the Serpent. Lavishly illustrated, Tarot and Individuation is a uniquely comprehensive sourcebook which can introduce Jungians to occult thought, and occultists to Jungian views, as well as helping nearly anyone interested in tarot.

“She consistently hits the bull’s-eye in linking the cards to the vital archetypal energies that give tarot its unique power… a work of esoteric depth and value, packed with stimulating references and ideas.” —Tarot Network News

Publisher’s Description: 

With 79 tarot layouts, this profusely illustrated reference book is one of the most well-respected and complete explorations of tarot symbolism, highlighting the cabalistic and alchemical aspects of tarot as a path for personal growth. New to Canada, the revised edition has a new section on Kundalini Yoga and chakras for physical as well as spiritual and psychological health.

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