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The Ten Trusts

What We Must Do to Care for the Animals We Love
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Paperback Book
October, 2003
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Combining her life’s work living among the chimpanzees with her spiritual perspective on the relationship between humans and animals, world-famous behavioral scientist Jane Goodall joins animal behaviorist Marc Bekoff to set forth ten “trusts” that we as humans must honour as custodians of the planet. They argue passionately and persuasively that if we put these trusts to work in our lives, the world and all its inhabitants will be able to live together harmoniously. According to Huston Smith, they are “the Ten Commandments for the future of advanced life on our planet.”

Marc was dreaming of a time when scientists and nonscientists alike would work toward the same goal—creating a world in which people respect and live in harmony with the natural world, leaving lighter footsteps as they move through life… a world where we humans live in peace with each other, with animals, and with nature…

What Marc saw was a series of steps that we, the stewards of this planet, must actively take in our own lives in order to preserve and protect it. They described how we could all become better and more compassionate inhabitants of Earth.

With many moving anecdotes, The Ten Trusts expands the concept of our obligation to live in close relationship with animals—for, of course, we humans are part of the animal kingdom—challenging us to respect the interconnections between all living things as we learn to care about and appreciate all species.

The ten trusts, in brief, are:

1. Rejoice that we are part of the Animal Kingdom

2. Respect all life

3. In all humility let us open our minds to animals and learn from them

4. Teach our children to respect and to love nature

5. Be wise stewards of life on Earth

6. Value the sounds of nature and help to preserve them

7. Let us not harm life in order to learn about it

8. Have the courage of our convictions

9. Praise and help those individuals who work for animals and the natural world

10. Act knowing that we are not alone. Let us live with hope.

Also by Jane Goodall is Reason for Hope.

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Now in paperback– the ten things we must do to ensure a safe and peaceful world, from legendary environmentalist Jane Goodall and brilliant animal behaviorist, Marc Bekoff.

Combining her life's work living among the chimpanzees with her spiritual perspective on the relationship between humans and animals, legendary behavioral scientist Jane Goodall sets forth ten trusts that we as humans have as custodians of the planet:

1. Respect all life

2. Live as part of the Animal Kingdom

3. Educate our children to respect animals

4. Treat animals as you would like to be treated

5. Be a steward

6. Value the sounds of nature and help preserve them

7. Do not harm life in order to learn about it

8. Have the courage of your convictions

9. Act knowing that your actions make a difference

10. Act knowing that you are not alone.

Filled with inspirational stories, The Ten Trusts provides lessons Jane Goodall has learned from a lifetime of experience, with the warmth and emotion her readers have come to expect from her. Marc Bekoff, cofounder of the Roots and Shoots program with Jane, also contributes his profound insights and research, which Jane has come to rely on. Together, they share their hope and vision for humanity and all the earth's creatures, distilled into ten eloquent spiritual lessons. Within these ten trusts, Goodall reveals how we can gain true enlightenment by living in harmony with the animal kingdom and honoring the interconnection between all species.

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