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The Modern Sorcerer
Paperback Book
North Atlantic
July, 1999
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This is an absorbing and compelling novelized biography—based on original documents—of the life, inventions, and time of Nikola Tesla. Tesla, who died in 1943, patented over 700 inventions, among them a telephone repeater, rotating magnetic field principle, polyphase alternating current system, induction motor, Tesla coil transformer, wireless communication, radio, and fluorescent lights. The players in this amazing tale—a true story more amazing than fiction in many ways—include Tesla (his alternating current system sought to harness the electrical field of the earth itself and transmit power in signals through the sky); Thomas Edison (inventor, patent pirate, public hero who declared war on Tesla to protect his direct-current empire); John Pierpont Morgan (railroad tycoon, usurper of rivals, whose final challenge was to take control of the destiny and life of inventor Nikola Tesla); George Westinghouse (backed Tesla against Edison); and Morgan’s daughter Anne, whose love for Tesla challenged her father as she fought her feminism and equality in a quest as visionary as Tesla’s.

Tesla was demonstrating several different types of induction coils. He lit his tallest high-energy coil, and the audience drew back, awed. Lightning bolts like fiery pythons streamed from the four-foot shaft, supporting a blazing coppery ball. Without a word of warning, Tesla put both hands on the discharging ball. The audience was horrified. Tesla was consumed in blazing arcs of lightning. When showers of sparks from his head subsided, his hair was standing on end and blazing streamers of current arced from his hair to the Faraday cage behind him. He laughed ecstatically.

Publisher’s Description: 

Toward the end of the nineteenth century dawned an age, all but forgotten. It was an era of immense flying machines, tall buildings, electric wires and telegraph cables. Miracles of science astonished the masses of Europe and the United States daily. Thomas Edison arose to prominence on an empire of stolen patents. He epitomized the spirit of the industrial age.

Suddenly Edison faced a mysterious rival, the enigmatic genius Nikola Tesla. This Serbian inventor tackled the problem of generating and utilizing alternating current, making Edison's direct current monopoly obsolete. He went on to invent radio before Marconi, develop X-rays and telephonics, and contributed fluorescent and neon lighting, microwave technology and wireless systems for the generation and transmission of current anywhere in the world for free.

His experiments in his Colorado Springs laboratory led to the building of towering Tesla coils, for the generation of artificial lightning, to be harnessed by his technologies. He built Wardenclyffe Tower to power the world on limitless energy and faced sudden financial ruin in 1905 when investor J. P. Morgan withdrew his financial support while claiming exclusive rights to the inventor's works.

Tesla: The Modern Sorcerer is an epic tale of the early age of technology, the climax of the industrial revolution. It is also a fascinating study of one of history's most prodigal geniuses.

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