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Textbook of Wisdom

Shortcuts to Becoming Wiser Than Your Years
Paperback Book
Random House UK
May, 2019
$27.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Wisdom comes with living a long life, full of rich experiences and cant be learnt, right? Wrong.

In the Textbook of Wisdom bestselling author Edward De Bono (Lateral Thinking, Serious Creativity) explains how you do not have to have lived forever to benefit from the experience of those who have. Full of thinking tools guidelines and principles this textbook encourages the use of values and emotions to guide you through life without allowing them to enslave you.

Split into short, digestible sections perfect for grazing rather than devouring, Textbook of Wisdom is perfectly designed so you can return again and again, mining for wise words to carry through life that will open your mind to creativity and new possibilities.

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