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Things That Join the Sea and the Sky (Bargain Book)

Field Notes on Living
Paperback Book
Sounds True
June, 2017
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With Things That Join the Sea and the Sky, Mark Nepo brings us a rich and resonant resource of short prose reflections to turn to when were struggling to keep our heads above water—and to help us surface and breathe into all of our sorrows and joys.

Suddenly, I fell into one of those moments where life shows itself as always just beginning. We weren’t just watching. We weren’t just listening. We were part of the song of life starting all over again. It made me want to write a book about joy…


Joy is the name for all the things that join the sea and the sky… I now experience joy in the oceanic trenches of feeling… This depth has taught me that joy is not the stillness waiting at the end of difficult feelings, but the sea of being that holds all feelings, from which the thousand moods we undergo surface like waves to engage us in the world.

Readers can explore 145 offerings from the acclaimed poet and teacher’s ongoing journal of many years, gathered into 17 themes, intended to be entered individually or as an unfolding sequence. Here, Mark’s own personal accounts of his sinking and being lifted serve as the seeds for each selection, each unfolding insight relevant to our own lives.

This book contains raw moment of sinking and being lifted, intimate accounts of being thrown into feeling and depth and how I’ve been stretched into wondering about my life and the lives of others in this ongoing push and pull in a Universe that holds us, then tosses us about, only to hold us again. Under every passage, I hope you feel the common song we’re each born to sing in our unique and very human way.

For those inspired, this collection also includes a guide to the practice of daily writing, with 100 compelling journaling questions to get us started.

Among Mark Nepo’s other fine books are The One Life We’re Given and The Book of Awakening and The Exquisite Risk.


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