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Thinking Body, Dancing Mind

TaoSports for Extraordinary Performance in Athletics, Business and Life
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Paperback Book
May, 1994
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“Dedicated to the spirit of Joseph Campbell, who, as a world-class runner, personified the TaoAthlete and recognized the significance of sport as a spiritual journey applicable to all aspects of life,” this guide written by a tai chi master and a sports psychologist conveys a wide range of skills to jumpstart peak performance.

Using stories of success from athletes and businesspeople, the authors present numerous techniques, exercises, affirmations, and visualizations that enhance performance, promote relaxation in the middle of maximum output, and reduce the stress and tension caused by years of negative coaching and self-criticism. By mastering the unique strategies and increasingly advanced mental exercises of the TaoAthlete, the reader can unlock extraordinary powers of body, mind and spirit—cultivating skills that lead to victory in any field.

I have already used the TaoSport concepts in training thousands of professional, Olympic, collegiate, and recreational athletes. All these athletes have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to see a new way (or Tao) of performance. . . . By combining our diverse cultural backgrounds, we have created a metaphorical marriage of East-West, yin-yang, dancing-thinking, body-mind, or TaoSport—a new concept and word that you can use as a touchstone for extraordinary performance in all of your activities.

We offer to you with humility and great pleasure the assembled gleanings from our lives. We hope you will be able to use them in your daily musings to achieve a life-game of good sense, humor, and aliveness.

The “Guides for Simplicity” at the end of the book is easily worth many times the price of admission—if you do it. The book ends with these words:

The ultimate and the simplest TaoSport is a deep understanding of the process of living, thinking with our whole body and dancing with our whole mind. This is the condition that T.S. Eliot described as “complete simplicity, costing not less than everything.” 

We now offer you this closing meditation in motion and e-motion:


I am a passionate being with a fiery zest for life.

I feel within an extraordinary passion for being alive.

My energy is exuberant and joyful.

Energy is eternal delight.

Hear yourself say:

It’s wonderful to be alive. Life is full. And I am full of life!

Stand up, stretch your body.

Let the impulse of living extend and expand your whole mental and physical being.

OPEN your mind, your heart, your body.

Celebrate BEING ALIVE!

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