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The Third Harmony

Nonviolence and the New Story of Human Nature
Paperback Book
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
March, 2020
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In the capstone to a brilliant career, Michael Nagler argues that nonviolence--not just as a tactic but as a way of being--is the only way to unite deeply divided people and that without it progressive movements will inevitably fail.

That the world needs to take a substantially new direction, and quickly, is no longer controversial for any thoughtful person. A whole new way of seeing the world and our role in its destiny is called for. It's what Michael Nagler and others call the New Story. It rejects the mechanical, capitalist narrative that pits humans against each other and instead turns to a connected and collaborative vision of the future. The final missing piece of the New Story is what Nagler has termed the Third Harmony in human nature: nonviolence. Nonviolence is the only method compatible with the New Story's content and the only power strong enough to move the heart toward this deep and revolutionary change. This book focuses on how a shift to a nonviolence mind-set can be integrated into the very foundations of our understanding of humanity and community, not just on how nonviolence works as a protest tactic.

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