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The Thirst For Wholeness

Attachment, Addiction & the Spiritual Path
Paperback Book
HarperSan Francisco
May, 1994
$19.99 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

C.G. Jung once described the addict’s version of the “spiritual thirst of our being for wholeness,” a thwarted aspect of the universal craving for understanding, personal fulfillment, and spiritual union. Christina Grof, a leader in the transpersonal psychology movement, here draws on her own spiritual journey and addiction experience, the insights of Twelve-Step recovery, and the wisdom of sacred traditions throughout history and around the world. Her compassionate illumination of the human experience (with all its roots of loneliness, unnameable longings, and the desires to escape the pain in our lives) will resonate with anyone seeking authenticity and wholeness.

The intensity of Christina’s story and the beauty with which it is told are deeply touching. She has much to say about the goodness of finally hitting bottom, the necessity of really giving up, and the exquisitely inspiring beauty of our true nature that can flow again in our lives.

Publisher’s Description: 

'A rich and powerful pathway to a fully human spiritual life… Excellent… please read it.'

Carl Gustav Jung described the addict's craving as a 'thirst for wholeness.' Christina Grof, a pioneer in the transpersonal pThis "rich and brilliant pathway to a fully human spiritual life . . . describes the universal longing and quest all humans have for something transcendent" (John Bradshaw). "A genuine, wise, and soulful description of the spiritual journey. Down-to-earth and accessible".--Linda Leonard, author of Meeting the Madwoman.

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