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The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers

Your Sacred Path to Discovering the Gifts, Talents, and Abilities of the Feminine Through the Ancient Teachings of the Sisterhood
Paperback Book
April, 1994
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From the author of the very popular Medicine Cards, this book is a practical and visionary guide to gaining self-knowledge through the teachings of Native clan mothers.

“Jamie Sams is to be thanked for her teaching. She has given a sharing the knowledge of her Elders.” —New Directions for Women

The teachings presented in this book “Will bless your life and the full Circle of Life, with wholeness and holiness.” —Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing

Publisher’s Description: 

'Jamie Sams, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers presents a powerful new method for honoring and incorporating Native feminine wisdom into daily life. Combining a rich oral tradition with personal healing and guidance experience, Sams creates The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers, each reflecting a particular teaching which relates to a cycle of the moon, and possessing special totems, talents and gifts to help us in cultivating our own personal gifts and talents.

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