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Three Breaths and Begin

A Guide to Meditation in the Classroom
Paperback Book
New World Library
May, 2019
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While the power of mindfulness and meditation have become well-known in the culture at large in therapy, medicine, and spirituality their use in education is just beginning. But teachers who incorporate moments of stillness, breath awareness, and calming images know just how potent these practices are for creating focus and facilitating learning. Unlike books that delve into theory,Three Breaths and Begin is about practice, written by a schoolroom teacher who has shared these practices with students, teachers, and parents in a variety of real-world settings. Meyer detailsexactly how a teacher can use meditation techniques each and every day. From the very beginning of introducing the practice to students by creating a space within the classroom, to meditating on field trips, in sports setting, and in the midst of tragedy, he sets forth scripted meditations, with every aspect of conducting, running, and reflecting on the meditation considered. While written by a teacher, this insightful, practical, and loving guide will benefit anyone interested in the well-being of a student.

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