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The Thyroid Solution Diet

Boost Your Sluggish Metabolism to Lose Weight
Paperback Book
Atria Books
December, 2013
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Publisher’s Description: 

Is your thyroid making you fat? The author of the bestselling The Thyroid Solution explains why this could be trueand how to boost your metabolism, improve thyroid wellness, and keep off those extra pounds.

World-renowned endocrinologist Dr. Ridha Arem has treated thousands of patients successfully for hormone-related weight problems. Now for the first time in The Thyroid Solution Diet, he makes his comprehensive hormone-balancing nutrition and weight-loss plan available to the public. Featured on the cover of Womans World, The Thyroid Solution Diet reveals how to heal your thyroid and feel bettermentally and physicallyas you get slimmer.

When you have a weight problem, your thyroid hormone will be inefficient at burning fat, even if your thyroid gland is perfectly normal. Whether you have a thyroid condition or not, The Thyroid Solution Diet will boost your metabolism and thyroid hormone efficiency so you can lose weight long-term.

Dr. Arem perfected this unique diet after extensive experience and research. He modified the Mediterranean Diet to include more foods with high protein, high fiber, and low glycemic index, which makes meals satisfying and filling. A carefully formulated smoothie, specific combinations of proteins and selected foods at each meal, and the right supplements boost thyroid hormone efficiency and your metabolism. Personalize your weight-loss plan by choosing from Dr. Arems fifty delicious recipes created especially for this book and follow his detox program to rid your body of metabolism-slowing chemicals. Revive your metabolism with the illustrated 20/10 Exercise Programtwenty minutes of aerobics and ten minutes of strength trainingand gain energy and vitality.

Whether youre dieting for the first time or searching for that breakthrough health program, The Thyroid Solution Diet holds the solution youve been looking for.

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