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Time And The Soul

Where Has All the Meaningful Time Gone — and Can We Get It Back
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Paperback Book
May, 2003
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Author of Money and the Meaning of Life, Jacob Needleman makes “philosophy” come alive for us, showing how time has become the greatest modern scarcity.

 What used to be considered signs of success—being busy, having many responsibilities, being involved in many projects or activities—is now being felt as an affliction.

 Time and the Soul shows how to take a bold and unconventional approach to time. The aim: to get more out of it by breaking free of our illusions about it. Needleman dispenses with tricks and techniques that only serve to make our obsessiveness more “efficient.” Instead he shows how we can understand what our days are for. It’s this understanding that allows time to finally begin to “breathe” in our lives.

When the mind and body quietly move toward each other, a man or woman begins to become a grownup. And, whatever it may mean to be a wise man or woman, surely the first step is to become a grownup. A grown-up man or woman may have to move very fast and do many things, but he or she is never in a hurry.

People can learn to experience time more purposefully and meaningfully. We need not be at time’s mercy. Needleman rejects spiffier Day-timers and time-management techniques in order to reveal ancient and little-known modern practices for exploring one’s internal clock. He reveals how time is experienced by the soul, drawing on wisdom literature that chronicles the ways of Buddhists, poets, and philosophers.

Words alone, no matter how profound, are not enough to help us confront our problem with time. But words, properly received; ideas, thoughtfully pondered; stories and images heard and attended to with an open heart, can help us feel the relationship between the question of our being and the problem of our life in time.

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- By the author of Money and the Meaning of Life (55,000 copies sold)

- By the author of Money and the Meaning of Life (55,000 copies sold)

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