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Time, Synchronicity & Calendar Change

Paperback Book
Law of Time Press
June, 2011
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Banyen's Description: 

There will come a time when the birds will fall from the trees, the rivers will be poisoned and the wolves will die in the forests.

But then the warriors of the rainbow will appear and save the world.

Prophecy of the Cree Indians

One time is ending, but another is just beginning, an entirely new era in the history of the earth: the noosphere. This is the message of José Argüelles. We are leaving the world of pure sensory matter, and entering a world of mind and telepathy. In this new world of the noosphere, time is not what a clock measures, but a factor of synchronicity, and the synchronization of our minds into ever expanding consciousness.

Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of Jose Argüelles reveals the mystery of one of the most unique visionaries in history. In part two of this authorized biography, his apprentice Stephanie South leads the reader into the supernatural synchronic mystery of José’s life, exploring fourth-dimensional reality and awakening the Earth to a new time.

South’s previous book, 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler, The Journey of Jose Argüelles, reveals this visionary in his formative years. Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change opens into the complete range of his life’s work, which is vast and varied, with many implications for the future of our planet. Many thought-provoking reflections are offered on the nature of our world and the potential of humanity, as well as a thorough examination of what it means to be a cosmic messenger on a planet rapidly shifting gears—from the biosphere to the noosphere.

“José has played a very important part in humanity in reintroducing and reminding us as a human species of the sacred teachings—the galactic teachings—the teachings of our ancestors.” —Flordemayo, Mayan healer-grandmother

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